Common Resume Typo’s & Spelling Errors

You always want to be as professional as possible in every step of your job search — and this includes your resume.

Everyone hates having to write a resume but that is no excuse to rush through it. So once you’ve finally forced yourself to actually sit down and create one, be sure to take your new (or revised) resume and: run spell check on it and proofread it a half a dozen times — AND then have at least two other people proofread it to see if they can find any errors.

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Improve Your Resume’s Wording & Interview Presentation

Want to improve your resume or sound more professional in your interview?

Check out our list of alternatives that can help you fine tune both your restaurant management resume and your personal presentation in an interview.

Instead of… Consider using…
Hire Recruit
Train Develop, Coach
Discipline Counsel
Fire Terminate
Customers Guests
(i.e. Call; Email, Write).
Reach out
If I have to, I…
When I have to, I…
As business requires, I…
Based upon business needs, I...”